Emilie Otto Watercolour Tool Kit

HOW TO: Build a watercolour painting kit

Want to start painting with watercolours?
Here's a quick breakdown of all the supplies you need to start your journey.

1. Watercolour Paints
Paints are available in either palettes or tubes, as a general rule of thumb palettes are more beginner-friendly and affordable. I personally use palettes because I love the curated colour selections in each one, it's where some of my painting inspiration starts. I'd recommend trying a few, more expensive doesn't always mean better.

2. Brushes
You can buy paint brushes specifically for watercolour painting, they will generally hold more water and flow better across your page. However if creativity strikes and you don't have a watercolour brush handy, any brush will do! Experiment with different kinds to see the effects you can create.

3. Watercolour Paper
Watercolour paper is thicker and holds water better than normal sketching paper. Paper types are usually identified on the paper you buy. Treat yourself to some 300 gsm watercolour paper, you won't regret it.

4. Water jar
The more water the better when painting with watercolours. Recycled jars from the kitchen work a treat.

5. Paper towels
A watercolourists best friend! Great for dabbing on your artwork, drying off brushes, removing excess paint. Keep a few handy, you will know when you use it :)

6. HB pencil
Before I start painting, I always do a light sketch of what I'm going to paint first. It helps with the composition and design of the painting. HB pencils are lighter, so you don't see them as much through the paints.

7. Kneadable eraser
If you are a bit heavier handed with your pencil, a kneadable eraser is great to lift up the pencil and make the sketch lighter. Kneadable erasers are gentle on watercolour paper, so you won't get any balling or imperfections in your surface.

Misc - Tape to hold down the paper your working on, to limit warping.

Where can I buy these supplies?
You can pick up decent quality materials from your local art supply store, Officeworks, Jacksons, Riot etc. Prices can start anywhere from $20 to $200+.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Em xo



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