FAVOURITES: Watercolour Brushes & Paints

FAVOURITES: Watercolour Brushes & Paints

My go-to watercolour supplies

Hello watercolour lovers, 

Here are some of my favourite supplies. This list is ever evolving as I discover new supplies that I love!
Please note this post contains affiliate links, meaning I get a small fee (which I'll most likely buy more supplies with). Be assured, I would never suggest supplies that I don't use and love.

It was love at first brush with these Polina Bright watercolour brushes. Polina's art has inspired me for years, so as a little treat I brought a set of her beautiful brushes. It felt like flying in business class, after being in economy class of paint brushes. A few years on and these brushes have stayed beautiful and I use them almost every day.

I'm honoured to be an ambassador for Polina's brushes and happily offer a 10% discount. Use code EMILIEOTTO when purchasing.


Derwent Inktense Number 2
This is my go-to set for everyday paintings, the colours and vivid and bright, don't fade over time and blend with each other beautifully. Set 2 is full of my favourite colours, the turquoise and pink are great for painting sunsets. These colours can also be found in the larger 24 set which I use for more complex paintings.

Artistro Travel Set
Not only does this set come in a cute tin box, it also comes with me on most trips! This compact kit houses everything you need on the go and also has a few metallic options.


Mont Marte 300gsm Watercolour Paper
My go-to, this paper is beautiful to use and affordable too!

Inks & Masking Fluid

For adding pops of fun on watercolour paintings

White Ink - Dr Phil Martin's Bleed Proof White Ink

Masking Fluid - Winsor & Newton Art Masking

Happy painting! 

Em xo


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