BOOKS: Inspiring Watercolour & Art Books

BOOKS: Inspiring Watercolour & Art Books

I love art books and am very proud of my collection, they are great for inspiration and learning new techniques from artists I admire.
Painting is my favourite way to switch off and unwind, that's why I prefer books to online courses. You also don't have to worry about pausing and re-watching a technique several times ha-ha.

Below is my list absolute go-to's and why I love each book. I've also included a project or two so you get a sneak peak of what's inside.

The Joy of Watercolour by Emma Block

This book is simply wonderful! Emma has a great way of making watercolour painting very approachable. It feels friendly and fun, whenever I get too in my head about painting I turn to this book and it brings the joy of watercolour back (the title doesn't lie).

The projects range from easy to more advanced, there's something for whatever mood you are in. 

I've tried the portrait & fruit bowl projects, pictured above, and loved the process. The portraits where more challenging that expected, faces are always hard, but it's fun to try something different.

10/10 add this to your book shelf asap.

More books that I love!

Harry Potter - Watercolor Magic

Creative Watercolor & Mixed Media

Paint yourself calm

In depth reviews coming soon (painting in progress).

Please note this post contains affiliate links, meaning I get a small fee (which I'll most likely buy more books with, let's be honest). Be assured, I would never suggest a book that I don't use and love.

Em xo

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